From the early beginning in 1966 as a one person entrepreneurial, venture to the fully automated company site in 2013 with a production space of more than 5000 sq. meters, the exigencies of the market and the technological possibilities might change, a company and its owner remains true to his principles  and thereby successful.

Already with the company foundation in the year 1966, the entrepreneur Erich Walloschke has set the course for today’s company philosophy, core values and guiding principles. Already in the early years the main focus was set on a constant development and precision as the cornerstone for sustainable success. Following the paths of going beyond standard procedure he developed already in 1969 the revolutionary processing and optimization of surfaces on self-constructed Polishing machines. In the following years this process was constantly expedited and improved leading only ten years later in a move to a larger production facility due to the tremendous entrepreneurial success. Later in 1980 the company used for the first time rotary tables and slide grinding machines. The advancement though innovation and quality grew constantly that only in the years 1984, 1988 and 1991 the company had to move into larger production facilities.

The stable growth of new technologies and opportunities were an important tool for the realization of the entrepreneurial and corporate goals. As an example in 1992 the production site in Kürten, close to Cologne used for the first time CNC controlled grinding units and in 1995 the company used for the first time fully automated Grinding machines to archive perfect results in the mechanical processing of its raw materials.

In the following years the company focused on the construction of more complex automated machining centers which lead in 1999 to the foundation of the Walloschke Surface Engineering Corporation and additionally to the foundation of the Oxipol Manufacturing Systems Engineering and Project Development Company.

Not only since then has the company gained an international reputation for its strive to quality and ability to solve problems on nearly any technological aspects in the production chain. Core business and driver for the ever increasing international recognition remains the concentration on the fully automated Grinding and Polishing Process in the company´s production facility close to Cologne and in different centers that were built in the production facilities of selected customers and business partners. Main focus always remains on quality and outcome which was certified in 2006 according to the Standards of the ISO 9001 international quality standards. These quality standards are reevaluated and audited on an annual basis.

In 2007 the company moved to its current production facility in Lindlar Hommerich, also close to Cologne in Germany due to the increased demand and need for a larger space to increase production. Currently in 2013 the company has increased the production site in this facility and now works on more than 105 fully automated robotic cells, making the factory unique in its field of operation worldwide. Over the past years the company has gained additional reputation in the handling of plastic materials especially for the automotive industry developing a Europe wide unique way of handling of such products and therefore gaining the position of being market leader in that field.

To continue the constant development of quality and production, the company currently prepares a certification according to the international automotive standards ISO TS 16949. To obtain such certificate, it takes a one year period of fully embedded certification demands and standard procedures in operation. It is our goal to finally obtain the certificate in the second quarter of the year 2014.