The unique feature of our approach to surface optimization is our concentration on fully automated processes regardless of raw material and future use. According to specifications provided by our business partners and customers, we develop new systems to increase efficiency and quality in the ways our robot-grippers take and lead raw materials and finished parts to and from the grinding and polishing centers of the working cell. It is important to us that the highest efficiency in terms of cycle times and quality outcome is achieved in this process.

The core of our production is best described by renowned business partners as the “Walloscination” of raw materials to prepare them most efficiently for future use. The “Walloscination” process stands symbolically for the synergies that arise from the interaction of fully automated abrasive grinding and polishing techniques, strategic quality assurance, constant development and the ability to adapt our systems to each of our customers’ demands. This interaction results in a unique combination of quality, value and economic output for our customers. It is the constant development of the “Walloscination” process, conveyed by the expertise of our employees and team members, that allows us to follow suit to the ever changing exigencies of the global economy and even more to the demands of our customers and business partners. In addition it is important to add that the “Walloscination” process does not only include the respect for our internal and external customers but also a holistic respect for nature and environment.